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Finding top-notch native German-speakers ready to relocate is a painstaking journey. With Workwide you can make it a breeze.

Workwide is at the forefront, redefining the landscape of global hiring!


Martina Leoni

Head of HR at Bluelink


How Workwide makes multilingual talent acquisition easy


Tailor-made solutions

On our platforms everything is designed for your specific talent needs - no matter if you're looking for German, Dutch, Nordic, French or Italian speakers. Take advantage of our 10+ years of experience in the international recruitment and marketing space.



Workwide is not an agency or a job board, it’s a recruitment technology company. Get access to personalised landing pages, innovative marketing initiatives and constant product development. Stay one step ahead of your competition!


Quality applicants

You will only receive vetted talents who are fully informed about the job opportunity and the relocation process in general. Reduce your churn and time spent by only interviewing the best and most well-prepared talents.



No matter if you need 1, 10 or 100+ hires per year, we know which levers to pull to increase the application flow in a dynamic environment. Sit back, relax and await your future colleagues.

Our Research on the markets



Published date: 08/02/2024

Top jobs: Engineering, Energy

Living costs: budget-friendly

Our platforms

  • One-stop shop for jobseekers
  • Cost of living comparison
  • Find apartments abroad site
  • Informative country pages and blog content
  • International job market insights








Trustpilot Score


Knowledge Guides



1-25 hires/year

Multilingual Recruitment Marketing

  • Job advertisement campaigns
  • eDM
  • Employer branding articles
  • Recommended job listings
  • Website banners
25-100 hires/year

Multilingual Recruitment Services

  • Research & acquisition
  • Screening & interviewing
  • Language assessment
  • Onboarding prep
  • Cross-cultural integration
100+ hires/year

Workwide Retained+

  • Dedicated campaign site
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated bi-lingual Recruiter(s)
  • Video content creation & UGC program
  • Digital marketing campaign (Meta, TikTok, Google Ads, Snapchat, LinkedIn)

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Partner success stories

People spotlight

Linus Palmqvist

Client Success Manager

Petra Strittmatter

Senior International Recruiter

Ihor Honcharov

Marketing Manager

Sandrien Callens

Senior Recruitment Specialist

Dear potential partner,


We, Filip and Simon Nilsson, founded Workwide in 2014. In our 20s we lived and worked abroad for a few exciting years. This time was extremely rewarding and good for our personal development but it was a hassle to find good job opportunities for Swedish speakers abroad. We couldn’t find a company or digital solution to support our career goals - so we built it ourselves.


With that said, our company is built first for the job seekers. However, we’re sure that you will find value in the products & services that we provide for employers too.


At Workwide, we’re passionate about international mobility, cross-border recruitment and languages. Through innovative digital solutions, traditional recruitment services and plain hard work - we make sure to help our job seekers find a job in their dream destination.


We currently cover German, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, French, Italian, Czech, Portuguese and Spanish language talent acquisition to European locations. Expansion to new markets are planned in H2 2024.


We look forward to talking to you!

Message from our


Filip & Simon Nilsson


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